Two Dud Dads – Episode Seven – We've Had A Baby! What Do We Do Now?! Two Dud Dads

Boogie and John Mellis are two Scottish radio DJs who've been pals since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Until now they've never actually worked with each other, and this project probably means they never will again(!), but, it remains a labour of love borne through Lockdown Fever. In this podcast they aim to become better Dads and take you on that journey too with help from our expert fathers, Garry Spence and Grant Stott, our Dude Dads, and women's health expert Becks Armstrong, who's going to help us through all the stages of pregnancy we need to know about as Dads. (Because we know what you did during Lockdown)Boogie and John Mellis – Introduction 0 – 0.43Emilia Bouglas – 0.43 – 0.52Becks Armstrong – What to do immediately after the birth, the days ahead AND how Dad can help. – 0.53 – 15.02Josh Mellis – 15.03 – 15.06Gracie Mellis – 15.06 – 15.08Garry Spence and Grant Stott – 15.08 – 22.57If you want to find a doula in the UK, this is the body Becks is a member of. Here's one recommended for Dads of all stages, and Mums too!Oh, Mum, and this one. And here's where you can find us: On twitterOn facebook On instagramAnd on our own page at Catch up on all our episodes here.And here's The Two Dud Dads Season One Playlist
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