Boogie (on the left), John Mellis (on the right). Not an actual child (in the middle)

Who are Boogie and John Mellis?

Hello! This is a little bit secret right now, so don’t tell anyone. Or tell them, but then kill them afterwards. “Two Dud Dads” is a ‘How To Be Dad’ podcast starring Boogie and John Mellis, two mates who met through working at the same radio station, Northsound, in Aberdeen over twenty years ago. Despite being pals all that time, they’ve never actually worked together on the same show, so this is the first, and most likely last time that will ever happen.

Boogie is Dad to Emilia (4), and John’s kids are Josh (13), and Gracie (10).

Through this podcast their aim is to take you through where they’ve messed up at being Dads in the hope you can learn from their mistakes, avoid making them, and become a better parent yourself because of it. It’s ideal whether you’re a first time parent, or have a few years on the clock and the wrinkles to show for it.

We aim to have a few laughs, but help you out too, because at the end of the day, you come home from the shop with a TV and a 1500 page manual on how to operate and maintain it, yet leave the hospital with a baby and nothing but good wishes!

Episode 7 – We’ve Had A Baby! What Do We Do Now?! – out now.

We made it! Two Dud Dads has completed Season 1 – thanks for coming along for the ride. In, this, the final episode, our expert fathers – The Dude Dads attempt to solve the Da’Lemma posed by Alan in Carrbridge. He thinks he’s lost his son to the X-Box. What would you do? (Apparently, ‘enjoy…

Two Dud Dads – Episode 7 – Out Monday 23rd.

Hello! We are Two Dud Dads – thanks for checking out this little page for our ‘How To Be Dad’ podcast. And just like that, Season 1 is done. Thanks for reading, see you nex In our final episode of the Season, Baby has now arrived safely, and our focus shifts to what Dad can…

Episode 6 – Splashdown – Out Now

Happy New Week! You notice how it’s all gone ‘Happy New Week’ and not ‘2020 can do one’ all of a sudden? Who knew, for Scotland, the result of one football match could flip 2020 on its head? Equally, anyone who ever tries to convince us football isn’t romantic is wrong. We did say in…

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