Two Dud Dads – Episode 4 – OUT MONDAY 2nd

Hello again – and thanks for checking out ‘Two Dud Dads’, and finding us here, the online home for our ‘How To Be Dad’ podcast.

It breaks down to a few bits each week. There’s the part where we follow the life of a child and how Dad should tackle the various challenges which accompany that stage.

So, that part for Season 1 is all about pregnancy, and covered brilliantly by our Doula, Becks Armstrong.

In the last episode it was all about cravings and mood swings.

The second piece of the show is kind of like a ‘Problem Page’ for Dads struggling with a fatherhood issue of some kind, or, as we like to call it, a ‘Da’Lemma’.

For that section we’ve enlisted the services of a couple of expert Dads – Garry Spence and Grant Stott.

You know them through various media, but what you probably weren’t aware of until right now is that they’re more than qualified to fulfil the roles of our ‘Dude Dads’, given Grant’s background as a Dad of a pair of grown-up kids, one of each flavour, Sam and Lori. And Garry, has three of his own, including 8 year old twin girls (Hollie and Rachel) along with 4 year old son, Charlie.

Using their combined wisdom, they listen to these Da’Lemmas before dispensing their collective Dadvice.

And the third piece of the show is our ‘Safe Space’, where we can chat about where we’ve messed up as Dads in our week, or in our past where it’s relevant to that week’s episode.

Episode 3 was the first show this series, where we’ve needed that space, and more specifically, THIS space.

Find out WHY it was so important by checking out our player below and sticking on Episode 3. On this week’s show, (easily the best way to spend a tea break, and short enough to fit into one), we check out the merits of ante-natal classes, Pete from Glasgow contacts The Dude Dads on what to do about school bullies, AND we’re approaching the stage of pregnancy where Mum can put her feet up and ring a bell whenever she wants something. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate Mum-To-Be playlist we reckon you’ll love, bursting at the seams with songs written by music stars for their little ones or about the impact those kids have made on them. That’s directly after a couple of songs at the start we’ve included about Dad’s involvement in the pregnancy ‘creative process’. Effectively, that probably means we’ve ballsed the entire thing up, but what else would you expect from ‘Two Dud Dads”?!

Here’s how Episode 4 shapes up.

Boogie and John Mellis – Introduction 0 – 1.43
Josh Mellis – 1.44 – 1.47
Becks Armstrong – ‘Are Ante Natal Classes worthwhile? Beer And Birthing’ – 1.48 – 10.13
Gracie Mellis – 10.14 – 10.17
Garry Spence and Grant Stott – The Dude Dads, Da’Lemma 3, Pete in Glasgow – 10.18 – 17.30
Emilia Bouglas – 17.30 – 17.39
Boogie and John Mellis – On next week’s show…. 17.40 – 18.30

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Catch up on all our episodes here with links to wherever you usually listen to your podcasts, or, in the player below

And in case you missed it above, here’s The Two Dud Dads Season One Playlist

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