Episode Two – ‘Finding Out You’re Pregnant’ – OUT NOW

Our Dude Dads are Garry Spence and Grant Stott. You know them from the worlds of radio and TV, print and panto, but you probably aren’t aware of the fact they are also perfectly placed to be our expert Fathers. Garry is Dad to 8 year old twins Hollie and Rachel plus their little brotherContinue reading “Episode Two – ‘Finding Out You’re Pregnant’ – OUT NOW”

Two Dud Dads – Episode 2 – OUT MONDAY 19th!

Episode Two is out on Monday! This one is all about that moment you find out you’re pregnant. When men briefly entertain the concept that it’s all down to our prowess and genetic power. And as that single ludicrous thought filters through the otherwise beautifully maintained under-utilised vacuous space our brains should occupy, unable toContinue reading “Two Dud Dads – Episode 2 – OUT MONDAY 19th!”

Episode One – Meet The Family – OUT NOW

Boogie and John Mellis are two Scottish radio DJs who’ve been pals since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Until now they’ve never actually worked with each other, and this project probably means they never will again(!), but, it remains a labour of love borne through Lockdown Fever. In this podcast they aim to become better DadsContinue reading “Episode One – Meet The Family – OUT NOW”

Two Dud Dads – Episode 1 – OUT MONDAY

This podcast has been a long time coming – well, for us anyway. In fact, from the initial glint in the eye, suggesting against all popular medical research there may actually be some brain activity to measure in Boogie and John, it’s probably taken about the length of a standard pregnancy to get here. So,Continue reading “Two Dud Dads – Episode 1 – OUT MONDAY”

Two Dud Dads – Season One Due Date IS……

…..October 12th, 2020. Yes, just when you thought – “Can 2020 get any worse?!” We replied with a defiant “Yes. Yes it can” This is a labour of love podcast borne in Lockdown Fever, and to carry forward the pregnancy analogy a little bit further – it may just have started with two people butContinue reading “Two Dud Dads – Season One Due Date IS……”