Two Dud Dads – Episode 5 – OUT MONDAY 9th


We are Two Dud Dads, and this is the online home for our ‘How To Be Dad’ podcast.

Our aim is to become better Dads and maybe take a few others along for the ride. Our show breaks down weekly into three parts, except for this week, but more on that in a moment.

Element 1 is our intention to tackle different stages of fatherhood each season of the podcast. So right now in Season 1 we’re on pregnancy. Season 2 will look at the toddler years. Season 3 – Primary School, and so on.

There’s also a kind of Problem Page element, an Agony Uncle kind of thing, where Dads with fatherhood struggles can ask for help from our expert ‘Dude Dads’. They’re like our polar opposites with years of experience and Dadvice to dispense to hopefully solve those Da’Lemmas.

The third aspect is our ‘Safe Space’ where we can discuss where we’ve gone wrong as Dads, like that time I came back from swimming lessons with the wrong kids. Turns out appealing for leniency (because I had at least brought two home should buy me pass marks, and further that I’d even managed to produce one of each flavour) was NOT the way to go. The abridged version – I fixed it.

Stage Of Life Advice, Dude Dads Dadvice and The Two Dud Dads ‘Safe Space’ make up our usual week on this show, and ordinarily with a lot of laughs.

Not this week.

This week is different.

Episode 5 is called ‘When Things Go Wrong In A Pregnancy’.

We didn’t want to do it, yet equally were driven by a knowledge we HAD to do it, because it’s entirely possible, in fact, almost certain, this is the most important episode of the entire season.

If this programme doesn’t rip you up and mess you about a bit, I want you to check yourself for a pulse.

You’ll hear a statistic in this show which astonished us. 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. That figure rises to 1 in 2 depending on where you are in the world.

It’s something, which, if not experienced directly has most likely touched or impacted your life in some way, but is very rarely discussed openly, especially by men.

That is something we very much want to address, and it starts here with us welcoming a pal, and former boss, Gary Muircroft onto the show to chat about his and Rachel’s story.

You really should listen. Please.

And if this is something which is a factor in your life, please check our show notes below for some practical help and resources. Here’s how the episode shapes up.

Boogie and John Mellis – Introduction 0 – 0.29
Emilia Bouglas – 0.30 – 0.39
Gary Muircroft Part 1 – “When Things Go Wrong In A Pregnancy” – 0.40 – 17.12
Becks Armstrong – “When Things Go Wrong, And The Help You Can Find” – 17.13 – 25.37
Gary Muircroft Part 2 – 25.38 – 35.00
Gracie Mellis – 35.00 – 35.03
Boogie and John Mellis – On next week’s show…. 35.04 – 35.56

For this special episode there are also a few different resources and bodies we discussed:

The Miscarriage Association
Directory Of Therapists

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Two Dud Dads x

Published by John Mellis

I've been on the radio for almost 30 years (not continuously!) and am a media bloke entrenched in one of the loveliest parts of the world. I present radio shows for Global on Smooth Radio, run an audio media company - Mellis Media - and I also work for Aberdeen Football Club and write for a number of local media outlets. But that's work. My life and passions revolve around my wife, Lynne, and our kids, Joshua and Gracie. I’m a dog father to Ernie.

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