Episode 5 – ‘When Things Go Wrong In A Pregnancy’ – out now.

If you’ve found Two Dud Dads for the very first time, on this, our fifth episode, normally we’d mock chastise you for taking this long in the season before stumbling upon us, but not this time, because this episode is very different.

Being honest, we set the season up this way, with a few laughs and a generally laid-back, frothy, none-too-serious vibe, specifically so this episode would resonate even more.

Like a punch to the gut from a heavyweight boxer.

Because if we’re going to properly cover every aspect of fatherhood we have to let in the darkness as well as the light.

Things can, and do, go wrong.

Fatally so.

And that’s what this episode is about.

We recorded it to throw some light on that darkness, so if you’re there, maybe you can start to find your way back.

This week, we’re not messing about with our daft stories in our ‘safe space’, or unleashing our Dude Dads for a giggle with their Dadvice.

This week is just a very raw, candid story from one of our friends, Gary.

It’s not an easy listen and we make no apology for that, but it may be the most important episode of our show you ever hear, so please do. Here’s how it shapes up.

Boogie and John Mellis – Introduction 0 – 0.29
Emilia Bouglas – 0.30 – 0.39
Gary Muircroft Part 1 – “When Things Go Wrong In A Pregnancy” – 0.40 – 17.12
Becks Armstrong – “When Things Go Wrong, And The Help You Can Find” – 17.13 – 25.37
Gary Muircroft Part 2 – 25.38 – 35.00
Gracie Mellis – 35.00 – 35.03
Boogie and John Mellis – On next week’s show…. 35.04 – 35.56

For this special episode there are also a few different resources and bodies we discussed:

The Miscarriage Association
Directory Of Therapists

And here’s where you can find us:

On twitter
On facebook
On instagram

Catch up on all our episodes here, and pick your favourite podcast player.

Or, use ours below.

Now, in this episode Gary speaks about when everything hit him. It was when he made this film below. Consider how brave this was. Recording it in the first place must’ve been a hurdle and a half to overcome. Having done that and subsequently making the decision to go ahead and release that video – well, that was even braver.

If you haven’t listened to this episode yet, do it now, don’t read any further, and don’t watch the video.

Promise me.

You’ll only spoil it for yourself.

Listen first and then come back, OK?


No scrolling.

You promised.

OK. I believe you.

Now you can look.

It’s down there.

Worth the wait, right?

He’s a cracker.

We love Fox.

Here he is reviewing our show.

It’s enormously important to everyone involved in the show if you are currently affected by something like still birth or miscarriage, you’re able to access help so please make use of the resources out there, some of which we’ve highlighted in our show notes above. Or you can always contact us directly.

We always love to hear from you

And if you could rate and review our show wherever you listen, we’d really appreciate it.

Hit subscribe while you’re there and you’ll get our episodes automatically every Monday when they come out.

Next time on Episode 6, get ready, because the big day has arrived!

That’s right!

We. Have. Splashdown.

If you are actually in the final stages of pregnancy, this will be the episode for you, and in the meantime, here’s the playlist for you, while you daydream about names and playdates.

Relax (while you can) with The Two Dud Dads Season One Playlist

Thanks for reading, listening and getting involved.

Two Dud Dads x

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